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PATH funding increases access to programs by providing financial support to defray a variety of expenses to keep them affordable, and thereby, available to all individuals. Support also increases the quality & safety in programs by enabling increased levels of staff, volunteers and training.

Some of the ways PATH provides funding assistance:

  • Funds bus transportation for Camp Arrowhead and Skyline

  • Defrays the cost of the Arrowhead Volunteer Program via group activities, uniforms, awards and Residential Camp tuitions

  • Awards scholarships to graduating high school volunteers pursuing careers that benefit persons with disabilities

  • Pays for materials and supplies for Camp improvements such as the new Robinson Dining Pavilion and ongoing structural repairs

  • Contributes to the purchase of specialized equipment for communication and transportation

  • Defrays the cost of a registered nurse for day and residential camps

  • Funds the Camp Arrowhead website for development and maintenance

  • Holds social events for persons with disabilities, their friends & their families

  • Increases awareness and donations through community activities such as Natick Days and the Farmer’s Market

2023 Request for Financial Aid

Download the form in the format you prefer below, complete form, and return to PATH by email or mail, as noted at the bottom of the form.

“WOW! That is SO AWESOME! THANK YOU so much! I’m so thankful and xxxxxxx  is SO EXCITED for camp!!”
Parent of a PATH Campership Award

“Oh my goodness! Thank you so much! xxxxxx will be so excited! We really appreciate it so much! It is beyond words to know xxxxxx's happiness will be fulfilled at Camp Arrowhead this summer.”

Parent of PATH's Randy Magnanti Memorial Fund Campership Award

“Dear PATH, We are SO very grateful for your financial award to our children. You have made our summer so much less stressful. Thank you!!”

Parent of a PATH Campership Award

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